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Starting from seeds

If you haven’t checked it out, has selection of Care Sheets under the “Information” tab that cover a variety of topics from gardening problems to perennials to trees and shrubs. They are easy to understand and packed with helpful information. Since many people are starting their annual plantings from seed, I thought I’d look […]

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Fly By Butterfly

This week while visiting Meijer Gardens I stopped by the “Butterfly Bungalow,” which is now up in anticipation of their upcoming “Butterflies are Blooming” exhibition. There were a number of chrysalises hanging already and my daughter and I got to witness two butterflies emerge from their chrysalises. I thought it was really cool and it […]

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Trying New Things

I’m like most people. Trying new things can be kind, well, scary. This past weekend, I decided to take a chance and step out of my comfort zone – at least a little. After listening to an interview on the Flowerland Show and checking out orchid show at Meijer Gardens, I bought an orchid. I’m […]

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Are your roses ready for winter?

I always stall when it comes to getting my rose bushes ready for winter. I keep hoping for one last, gorgeous bloom before the winter. But waiting too long can actually be detrimental to roses. If you grow roses then you know how fussy they can be. With a little care they can survive a […]

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Cool Weather Annuals

Cooler weather does not mean the end of the gardening season. As a matter of fact, it’s the start of a new season….a season perfect for planting and color. Cool weather annuals play a role in the beauty of the fall season with their ability to tolerate late frosts. Try planting some Pansies or Ornamental […]

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April Gardening Tips

As things start to warm up (and cool  down and warm up) things are starting to get going in the garden. We have to act fast as soil  temperatures get to be around 55 to 60 degrees at the three inch level. Here are some quick reminders to keep you on the right track! Perennials: […]

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Five Common Houseplant Pests

Take a good look at your houseplants this winter. Are they looking as healthy as you like? Chances are if they are looking a little peaked they may have one of the five most common houseplant pests. These chances increase if you had a tropical plant that was kept outdoors, and you decided to winter […]

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Gardening in January: Some Easy Tips to Keep you Thinking Towards Spring!

For me, winter has been moving quite quickly. Come March, I may be feeling a bit differently, but for now I am trying to think positive. It can be hard to keep active during the winter and thinking about your yard in the spring will help keep you motivated. Here are some easy tips to […]

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Composting Leaves 101

Leaves have already started to fall, and others are well on their way. Even if you have a small yard, there are many ways to reuse leaves, and they should never end up in trash bags. Here are some tips and ideas to keep leaves out of landfills and quality in your garden. Your Leaf […]

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Getting Ready for Fall-Quick tips for the garden

As a chill moves through the air, it is hard to think about what is to come. So, lets take the time to enjoy fall this year. All too often we tend to stay out of the garden as we take our vacations, get ready for school, and prepare for the long winter ahead. As […]

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Oh Deer. Someone has been eating our plants…

You may have noticed early this year that you had damage to your plants that you have never had before. This past winter was tough for the White-tail deer. Normal feeding by humans had been stopped by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in order to prevent Chronic Wasting Disease. Deer, rabbits and other creatures […]

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