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Something Shady Please!

It has been a whirlwind few months and I can’t believe it is almost the end of June. There’s still so much to do! Well at least my front garden beds are looking better. Last fall I decided to re-do them because, well, the tulips alone just weren’t cutting it. (It turns out in order […]

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Christmas Cactus Success!

I’m so excited. My Christmas Cactus had tones of blooms this year. I’m not sure exactly what I did differently so I asked my friend Patrick at Flowerland. He says it is likely something I did during the spring and summer when the plant is setting its buds. Since I would like to repeat the […]

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Goodbye, Summer…Hello Fall

Well I guess Indian Summer is over. I really enjoyed the last couple of weeks of warm weather. Now we’re in the mid 60s for temperatures…Even Mini Gold relented and said she needed to wear pants and long sleeves to school. But hey, I’ve got some great memories of gardening this summer. Here are a […]

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Falling into Fall

I have to admit I am really more of a “Summer” person but Fall does have its benefits. I love that I can take care of any nasty weeds that have creeped into my garden and lawn. This year my flowerbeds have been inundated with some kind of grass. The more I tried to pull […]

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It’s Veggie Mania!

I love this time of year! Besides the sunshine and warm temps, we get to begin harvesting – and eating – so many of our home-grown fruits and veggies. My daughter is very excited. She (with a little help from me) planted ‘baby carrots’ again this year and we added onions. (Mini Gold loves to […]

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Keeping those Valentine’s flowers fresh!

Despite the cold weather, February is such a fun month with Valentine’s Day and Flowerland’s annual visit from the Birds of Prey. (If you haven’t seen the Birds of Prey, add it to your list! Seriously….totally amazing!) It amazes me how much people spend on Valentine’s Day, between flowers, candy and cards. Some estimates I’ve […]

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Weekend Fun!

My daughter and I came by the Wyoming Flowerland last Saturday to see Santa and his reindeer friends. Oh was that fun! There were so many kids checking them out and asking great questions like “Do these reindeer fly? Can we see?” and “What do reindeer eat?” Gotta say there are some pretty smart, curious […]

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Let it snow…let it…no…

I have to admit I already miss Fall….the winter snow has come too early for my tastes and definitely with too much “gusto.”  It seems like only a few weeks ago, my daughter was out in the yard picking the last of her 2014 carrot crop (which was a huge hit, BTW). Oh wait…it was […]

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Tulips make me “Bulb”ble with happiness!

My friend Kelley is an avid gardener and one of my inspirations. Once while we were still working together, she told me she had planted 300 tulip bulbs. I thought she was crazy. I mean, who wants to dig 300 holes? At the time, I had yet to discover the true simplicity and resulting beauty […]

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Veggie Success!

I don’t know about you but I’m so glad I’ve finally been able to pick some home-grown veggies from my yard. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to grow my zucchini and cucumber from seed. And the carrots were definitely a learning experience. The first thing I learned was I didn’t take […]

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Everything’s “Rose-y”

I’m beginning to see that it really is amazing – and interesting – the things we are more than happy to do for our friends. The weekend before last my daughter and I got to spend time with one of my oldest and dearest friends. When I called to see if we could stop by, […]

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The seedlings appear!

As I mentioned to you a couple weeks ago, my daughter and I are trying a new veggie garden experiment this year: growing carrots, cucumber and zucchini from seed (including mom’s “back up” rows of carrots). Fortunately I haven’t had to worry about watering them the last week or so, with all the rain we’ve […]

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