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fall clean up

Fall Clean Up

We have some tips for fall clean up to get your yard and landscape ready now for a beautiful spring!

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Fall Lawn Seeding

Fall Lawn Care

As the cool, crisp weather of fall approaches, it is important to remember that our lawns need attention, too.

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Summer Watering

While we have been enjoying the beautiful summer weather, our landscapes may not be too happy about all the recent and upcoming heat. In addition, we haven’t seen any significant

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Lawn Care and Grass Seed at Flowerland

Sod Installation Guide

Creating a beautiful lawn using sod is easy when you follow Flowerland’s sod installation guide. Preparing Your Yard You will need at least 4″ of good top soil. Rototill or

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Growing a New Lawn from Seed

Great lawns are grown from seed every year. The keys to a successful new lawn from seed are choosing the right seed for your particular growing conditions, preparing the soil

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Moles a problem?

Now that the snow has melted, you may notice a few unwanted mole tunnels in your lawn. What can you do about them? You have a couple of options. Your

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Dealing with Snow Mold

Why is snow mold a problem in spring? After being covered by snow for an extended period the lawn can be matted and in need of some air and sunshine.

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Flowerland April Gardening Tips

Vole and mole turf damage, snow mold, crabgrass pre-emergents, start landscaping… This is a big month for turf issues! Aside from obvious vole and mole damage, April is a month

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