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How do you start your seeds?

A yogurt container? An egg shell? A CD case? A peat pot? What really is the best container for starting seeds? Some containers are more effective than others. To begin the process, consider size, drainage, transferability, and organization. For example, an egg shell may be biodegradable, however it will not stand alone. You will need […]

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Roses are red….or in my case pink

I love June. The weather is usually pretty awesome and I can get outside and play in the yard with my little helper.  Plus June is all about Roses – and you know how much I love my roses! I have a ton of pink buds on my “Kiss Me” rose right now and they […]

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Giving It Your “Stump” of Approval

A co-worker  and I were talking the other day about how many people contact Flowerland, seeking advice or information about plant or lawn care issues. “Why don’t they just go to the internet and read about it?” my co-worker pondered. “It’s all about trust,” I replied. Recently, for example, someone emailed about burning their garden […]

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Transcendental Transplanting Part 2

OK, so last time I blogged I had dug up the iris bulbs. Once that was done, the real work began. It was time to dig up, split and/or move the perennials.  I was armed with my shovel, some Miracle Gro Plant Starter, some buckets to put the plants in while I dug the new […]

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The Crazy Plant Lady

With as beautiful as the weather has been this past week, it’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago it was dreary and raining. Yet at the end of both weekends, I had accomplished the same goal: planting and transplanting my flowers. Yes, you read correctly. As the rain started coming down a […]

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Getting My Aster Pinched

I’m so excited. Both of my Asters are blooming. I’ll admit, I was a bit concerned. A couple years ago, I decided to add some perennials to my flower bed including two asters. Mind you, I knew nothing about asters other than they looked really cool in the picture plus the lady standing next to […]

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Pruning improves my “growth”

My husband is just itching to get out in the yard with the pruning equipment, not that he necessarily has any idea of how to prune things. He just wants to get rid of any branches or leaves that might impede his ability to cut the grass. If fact, I would be willing to bet […]

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Hot and Humid…Friend or Foe?

Just about everyone I’ve talked to has an opinion about our recent heat wave. I have to admit, while the humidity has been a bit much a couple of days, I do prefer “hot and sunny” to “snowy, blow-y and icy.” I’m not above sitting in my daughter’s kiddie pool and splashing with her to […]

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Measure Twice, Dig Once

So last weekend I finally planted my first vegetable garden with the little girl next door. (If you remember, I told her last fall I would be willing to do this with her.) Things did not go quite as smoothly as I would have liked. First of all, I changed location for the garden at […]

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Here’s what I’ve learned so far….

Well, last weekend I was finally able to get out and play in the dirt. It was great! I turned over the soil in my original flower bed then it was time to see how my “lasagna garden” worked on my new flower bed. It actually worked pretty well. I have a clear area where […]

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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about done with this rainy, gloomy weather. With all the rain we’ve had and with more on the way, it’s amazing my plants and flowers haven’t floated away. My brother lives in Kentucky and posted some incredible pictures. One was of a tornado in the distance that […]

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Raking: It’s exfoliation for your lawn!

Did you take advantage of the beautiful day we had last Sunday? I sure did – and I’ve got the blister on my thumb to prove it. I sectioned off my backyard (it’s a double lot), got out my rakes and got busy raking. I remember my mom spending a lot of time in the […]

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