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June Gardening: Embrace the Beauty of Summer

"June is the gateway to the radiant abundance of summer, where every blossom holds a promise and every leaf whispers a secret." - Unknown

June is a month filled with the joys of gardening, where each day unveils something new and delightful in our outdoor sanctuaries. To help you make the most of this vibrant season, we’ve put together a June Gardening Checklist that will guide you through the tasks and pleasures of the month. Let’s dig in and celebrate the beauty of nature in our gardens!

Plan for Pest Control: A “must” for any June Gardening Checklist is to keep a watchful eye for pests like Japanese Beetles and take preventive measures to protect your plants. In our blog, “Tips for Repelling Garden Pests: Japanese Beetles,” we provide valuable insights and advice on identifying and effectively managing these troublesome pests. Our knowledgeable staff is also available to guide you in keeping your garden pest-free. 

Japanese Beetle on Plant

Early June Tasks

  • Delight in the abundant blooms of your garden by harvesting and drying some of your favorite cut flowers.
  • Continue planting and transplanting perennials, ensuring they receive adequate water and high quality fertilizer after planting.
  • Create vertical interest in your garden with climbing vines like Clematis. If you want to create a spectacular display, plant more than one variety on the same trellis. Or better yet, pair a Clematis with a Climbing Rose on the same trellis. Our blog, “Clematis – The Queen of Vines” offers some additional ideas.
  • Maintain the garden’s freshness by deadheading faded flowers and removing unsightly foliage from container plants.
  • Give your garden the hydration it deserves during the summer months. Learn the best practices for watering deeply, preferably in the morning and at the base of the plants. Discover the benefits of using mulch to conserve moisture and suppress weeds. If you’re looking for more tips on summer watering, check out our blog post “Summer Watering“. Don’t forget to give extra attention to your container gardens and hanging baskets as the weather heats up. 
  • Feed your plants! All plants need the proper nutrients to maintain their health and beauty. Some, like roses, are heavy feeders. A high quality, slow-release fertilizer applied per packaging directions, especially when combined with water-based fertilizer, is sure to keep your plants in tip-top shape.

Mid-June Tasks

  • Encourage fuller and more compact growth of mums and asters by pinching them back to 6 inches until July 4. In addition to promoting a fuller plant, pinching now will also prevent them from ‘flopping over’ in the fall.
  • Cut back late spring-blooming perennials like yarrow and salvia to stimulate a second wave of flowering.

Late June Tasks

  • Thin out vegetables that were seeded in May to provide proper spacing for healthy growth.
  • Plant successive crops of beans every two weeks for a continuous harvest.
  • Stay vigilant and harvesting crops as they mature to enjoy them at their peak flavor.
  • Remove cool-season crops as they bolt and consider planting shade-tolerant varieties like lettuce and spinach under taller plants to extend the harvest.
  • Keep an eye on insect and disease problems, taking prompt action to limit damage to your plants.
  • Continue to water the garden, especially during dry conditions. Stay on top of weeding to minimize competition for nutrients and moisture.

June is a month filled with the Joys of Gardening

June is a month filled with the joys of gardening, where each day unveils something new and delightful in our outdoor sanctuaries. Remember, gardening is a delightful journey of discovery, so take time to savor the small moments and appreciate the wonders unfolding in your garden. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, June is a month of abundant growth and boundless possibilities. Embrace the beauty of summer and let your garden be a reflection of your love for nature.


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