Summer Lawn Care

STEP 3: Lawn food with 2% Iron
STEP 3: Lawn food with 2% Iron. It feeds and strengthens against heat and drought.

It is time to use Scott’s Step 3. In June, July, and August your grass will absorb nitrogen at a higher rate that all other nutrients. Apply Step 3 four to six weeks after step 2.

“Water” you waiting for?

The lawn can develop fungus if it is watered at night. Scotts Disease Ex is fast acting and continues to control lawns diseases for up to 4 weeks.

The summertime heat will leach the soil of water. Don’t forget to water your lawn. We suggest watering in the morning because the grass could be more prone to disease if it is watered at night.

Water 1/3 inch every other day. 1 to 2 inches per week.

What’s bugging you?

Amdro Quick Kill Lawn Insect Control

There might be nasty critters that will ruin your lawn. They just come out of the wood works and will destroy your grass before you know it. Amdro Quick Kill Lawn Insect Control is easy to sprinkle on the lawn.

Are you experiencing lawn and bug issues? Now is the time to apply several products to get rid of these pests and lawn problems.


Summer Lawn Care


Now is the time to apply a post-emergent crabgrass killer like BioAdvanced All in One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer.
Bonide Sedge Ender
Bonide Sedge Ender will kill nutsedge. Nutsedge emerges in the lawn when we get a large amount of rain. Sedge Ender provides pre and post emergent control of goosegrass, nutgrass (and all sedges), crabgrass, foxtail and many, many other problem grassy type weeds. Works in cool weather too!
BioAdvanced Season Long Grub Control, Sevin Liquid or Bonide Japanese Beetle Spray can be applied this time of the year to prevent Japanese beetles. BioAdvanced can be used on lawns and Sevin and Bonide can be used on plants.