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Steps to Take Before Applying Grass Seeds

Steps to Take Before Applying Grass Seeds

Early April is the time to start prepping your lawn for preventing weeds and adding grass seed. Just after the snow melts is a good time to get to work.

Step 1: Rake the Yard and Remove all of the Debris

get rid of leaves and twigs left over from winter storms and April showers. A light leaf raking opens up the turf to light, air, and moisture. Bring a sample of your soil (two cups in a plastic bag) to any of our three locations for free PH testing. For a more advanced test bring in two cups of soil in a plastic bag and see result in two weeks.

Step 2: Core Aerating

aerate the soil that has been compacted with heavy snow over the course of the long winter. Aerating equipment can be found at many local rental shops.

Step 3: Add Gypsum or Azomite

Road salt and driveway salt can ruin your lawn. Gypsum has the ability to dislodge sodium (salt) in the soil. Use gypsum to wake up your soil. This soft mineral is a soil conditioner.  Gypsum has been to reduce soil compaction, improve soil structure, increase air movement.

You can also use azomite which is a natural volcanic pumice product that has minerals for your soil. It supplies over 70 major secondary, ad trace minerals. Azomite provides good levels of potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Step 4 a: Crabgrass preventer

crabgrass starts to germinate when the soil temperature is consistently about 60 degrees. Just add Bonide Crabgrass Preventer. Do not add grass seed when you use the crabgrass preventer.

Step 4 b: Grass Seed

if you apply grass seed Flowerland sells Scotts 4 Step Program. April is the right time to add step 1 of that program for seeding. Do not add grass seed when you use the crabgrass preventer.


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