Use this Scott’s Mulch Calculator to figure out how much you will need!



Flowerland works hard to bring you premium Cypress Mulch, Cedar Mulch, Pine Bark Mulch and Pine Bark Nuggets . Each brings its own unique qualities to complement your landscaping needs. Available in 2 cu. ft. bags.

Cocoa Shells Mulch Picture - FlowerlandLooking for mulch that is nutrient-rich, environmentally friendly and smells like chocolate? Then look no further for  Cocoa Shell Mulch. Bonus: A 2002 study by the Ohio State University calls cocoa shell mulch “One of the most ignition resistant of the organic mulches…” and it’s available here at Flowerland! Available in 2 cu. ft. bags.

Flowerland is proud to carry color enhanced mulches by Michigan Wood Fibers of Zeeland, MI. Color options include Michigan Wood’s Majestic line in red, gold, black and dark brown. Available in 2 cu. ft. bags.


Gravel Picture - FlowerlandFlowerland also carries a variety of stone mulches from Old Castle. Stone mulches can add an interesting accent to your landscape. Options include Brick Nuggets, Pond Stone, Pea Gravel, and Sand Pebbles.

also available

All Purpose Sand available in 0.5 cu. ft. bags

White Marble available in 0.4 cu. ft. bags,

Volcanic Rock in Lava Rock Red available in .5 cu. ft. bags.



If you are looking for some edging to add that finishing touch to your landscaping project, Flowerland has just what you need with Curv-Rite Edging. The Curv-Rite 2000 Series is a flexible, durable aluminum alloy and is ideal for edging around flowerbeds, to retain mulch or soil, and more. Available in 4″ X 8′ pieces in Natural, Black & Bronze. Matching stakes also available.



Rock Garden Photo - FlowerlandPerhaps you are planning to add some landscape stones to your landscape. If so, we have a couple options available.

Flowerland carries Flagstone slate. Buy as many or as few as you need.

Cane Creek Stones now available!

Flowerland also carries landscape stone  in a variety of colors including  Chocolate Gray, Green River, Mountain Mist, North Cove and “Tennessee” Fieldstone.





Flowerland carries an assortment of bulk items at the Kentwood and Alpine locations for your garden & landscaping needs in Grand Rapids, MI. Sold by the bale or yard, these items are available as “cash and carry” or we can arrange for delivery to your home.

Bulk items include: straw (sold by the bale), topsoil mix, brown, black (Kentwood only) or red (Alpine only) shredded mulch, hardwood bark mulch, leaf/mushroom compost and washed stone. Stop in and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Flowerland also offers bulk stone, soils and mulches online for delivery to our local customers. Check it out!