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Soils & Mulches

Healthy plants start with healthy soil.

Finding the right soils and mulches is one of the first steps to growing and maintaining healthy, vibrant plants. Whether you are starting a plant from seed, creating a container garden, or planting a vegetable garden, Flowerland has the soils and mulches you need.

Outdoor Soils

For garden soils, discover quality topsoil, peat moss, cow manure, and more. Dairy Doo options include VeggieDoo, FlowerDoo, compost, topsoil and DairyDoo Tree & Shrub. Watch this video for excellent information on improving the soil in your yard and garden! Or choose from the popular Espoma organic soils. For more insight into building the perfect soil, see “Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy You”.

Container soils are specifically formulated for growing flowers or vegetables in pots, complete with a slow-release fertilizer if needed. You can have a successful patio garden that lasts until the first frost!

Bagged soils are easy to carry and transport. Also available are bulk topsoil and bulk compost sold by the yard.


Mulch can prevent weeds from growing in your garden beds, and can prevent moisture loss. And who doesn’t love the look of a freshly mulched landscape?

Flowerland offers premium quality Majestic Mulch, processed at Michigan Wood Fibers right nearby in Zeeland, Michigan. Two cubic foot bags are available in red, gold, dark brown, and black colors. Bulk bark mulch is also available. 

For a low-maintenance alternative, try stone mulches, such as lava rock, marble rock, or pea gravel.

Indoor Plant Soils

Flowerland offers a complete selection of soils for many different houseplant types. Soils are available for orchids, cacti and succulents, bonsai, and tropical plants. See our quality organic choices from Fox Farm and Espoma, as well as seed starting soil and soil amendments.