Rick Vuyst Books

Rick Vuyst’s book ‘I Just Wet My Plants’ released spring of 2018:

“I Just Wet My Plants” by Rick Vuyst is not your typical gardening book.Stories and well rooted advice for both your plants and your everyday life amassed over 25 years of live broadcast radio talking to people just like you. A personal and vulnerable book of how both plants and your life parallel in surprising ways. Rick Vuyst just “wet his plants” and now you have permission to wet your plants too!

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… and his Latest Release, ‘Operation Rumination’ released spring 2019:

In “Operation Rumination”, Rick spends a year with veterans listening to their stories. In the process he wrestles with the fact he never served and reflects on the blessings and freedoms he enjoys because of the sacrifice and selfless service of others. A portion of the proceeds on this book go to GVSU Veterans History Project.

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You can learn more about these books, as well as purchase them, by visiting ThankYouVeryMulch.com