Plant Health

fertilizers, repellants, insect control and more - Plant Health at Flowerland
Flowerland offers a variety of traditional and natural products for optimal plant health.

Plant health is important. Our complete selection of traditional and organic products can help your garden, landscape and indoor plants to grow and thrive. Being open year-round, our friendly staff has the knowledge to help you choose the right products for your specific needs.

Flowerland’s long-time reputation for solving gardening problems continues today. Because of our knowledgeable staff and award-winning Flowerland Radio Show, we are West Michigan’s destination for lawn, garden, and plant solutions!

Disease Controls

Get rid of fungus and disease in your yard with the products in our garden center. Proper care will help your plants maintain good health.

Insect Controls

Controlling the insect population is essential for a healthy yard and healthy plants. Whether you have ants, mites, grubs or something you’ve never seen, we have the solution.

Pest & Rodent Controls

Chipmunks, rabbits, and deer are cute until they start destroying the plants in your yard! Our repellents use formulas that deter pests with taste and scent and do not harm animals or plants.

Weed Control

Its not impossible to control weeds in your lawn and garden, but it does require some planning and preventative maintenance. We have what you need to keep your landscaping free from unwanted weeds.

Plant Fertilizers & Amendments

Keep your plants healthy by improving water infiltration, retention, drainage, and more with our soil amendments. In the same way, regular fertilizing can keep your space beautiful all summer long in our West Michigan climate.

Natural Solutions

Keep your garden green in more ways than one with our selection of organic weed, insect, and fungus controls. Natural fertilizers and plant care solutions available too.