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Whether you prefer the bell variety or something with a bit more “kick,” peppers are a great addition to your garden. They can be grown in-ground or in pots so they are ideal for container gardens. With so many to varieties available at Flowerland, why not stop in to one of our 3 Grand Rapids area store during planting season and pick up 2 or 3?

Peppers Varieties at Flowerland

Bell Peppers at Flowerland

Big Bertha Bell Pepper

Banana Peppers at Flowerland

Sweet Banana Pepper

Better Belle

Better Belle Pepper

Hot Pepper Plants at Flowerland

Habernero Pepper

Jalapeno Pepper Plants at Flowerland

Jalapeno Pepper

Hungarian Hot Wax

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper

Poblano Pepper Plants at Flowerland

Poblano Peppers

Red Pepper Plants at Flowerland

Red Peppers

Serrano Pepper Plants at Flowerland

Serrano Peppers

Orange Sweet Bell Pepper Plants at Flowerland

Orange Sweet Bell Peppers

Hot Pepper Plants at Flowerland

Anaheim Peppers
























Other varieties of peppers available at Flowerland:

  • California Wonder Pepper
  • Carribean Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Chocolate Bell Pepper
  • Corno-di-toro Pepper
  • Cubanelle Pepper
  • Early Red (Red Knight) Pepper
  • Red Beauty (Baron) Pepper
  • Ghost Pepper
  • Golden Sweet Bell (Wonder) Pepper
  • Gypsy Pepper
  • Hot Banana Pepper
  • Crackle Pepper
  • Super Chili Pepper
  • Fooled You (Jalapeno Mild) Pepper
  • Lilac Bell Pepper
  • Pepperoncini Pepper
  • Mucho Nacho Pepper
  • Tobasco Pepper
  • Thai Hot Pepper
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