Flowerland Takes “Root”

Flowerland Started Growing in 1949…

1949 was a time of growth and progress following a number of difficult years including the Great Depression and World War II, and Flowerland was “rooted” in this exciting time .

Back in 1949…

  • Harry Truman was our President
  • A gallon of gas was around 20 cents
  • A new car cost approximately $1,500
  • The cost of a stamp was .03 cents
  • Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” opened on Broadway
  • With 10 million sold in 1949, TVs were becoming a big deal across the US!

Congratulations to the many wonderful people who have worked at Flowerland over these many years and made us what we are today!

Here’s to many more years as West Michigan’s most complete year-round local hometown Garden Center!

Nostalgic Slideshow:

Ribbon cutting. L to R Doris Tuinstra, Lois Tuinstra, Bob Tuinstra, Sid Harkema, Betty Harkema Fruit Basket Logo 1957 Out "in the country" 28th and Clyde Park 1950's Flowerland logo for new Wyoming building opening 1967 Fruit Basket early 60's Bob Tuinstra (or RJT as he was called) creating ads The early days... produce was a bargain! From the early days to today a unique diverse selection of merchandise Market Basket early 50's Logo 1961... at a time much shopping was downtown, free parking was a big deal!Alpine FlowerlandKentwood Flowerland at Christmas 1980