Lawn Care

Flowerland has everything you need for a healthy, beautiful lawn. From grass seed to fertilizer to irrigation, we can help your lawn be a success. Stop by one of our 3 Grand Rapids area locations.

This spring, make your neighbors “green” with envy….

Bulk Grass Seed
Bulk Grass Seed
Great selection for sun or shade or any condition in between!
Gypsum Pellets
Wake up your lawn! Gypsum Pellets (or calcium sulfate) will provide better nutrient uptake especially nitrogen for a greener lawn.
Need a pH adjustment in your soil? Lime Pellets are a great way to neutralize acidic soil and optimize growing conditions.










Lawn Care by Season

Spring Lawn Care
Summer Lawn Care
Summer Lawn Care
Fall lawn care

From mid August through September, the weather is ideal for seeding, re-seeding, or over-seeding your lawn. With cooler temperatures and increased amounts of rainfall, the soil remains warm and moist so the roots continue to grow through the entire winter.

Other Lawn Care accessories you might need include:

  • Tank Sprayers
  • Spreaders
  • Rakes
  • Sprinklers