Great Selection of Houseplants

Flowerland offers the biggest selection of indoor plants in West Michigan.

Our indoor greenhouses provide a calm and beautiful place to shop for just the right plant. 

Create your own beautiful indoor space with houseplants from Flowerland. You will find fun, beauty, and satisfaction in having plants in your home. For instance, choose from:

  • Table plants: Starting at 2” pots to use in terrariums, including many varieties to stand alone or combine to create a beautiful dish garden.
  • Floor plants: From a tall ficus tree to a showy schefflera, floor plants can create interest and energy in your home.
  • Cacti & Succulents: The varieties seem endless. With easy care and little watering, as long as you have sunlight your desert plants can thrive.
  • Gift plants: Orchids, violets, anthurium, and other blooming plants make great gifts, or treat yourself!
  • Pottery, plant stands and plant hangers: Accessorize your plants with many choices of pots in all sizes and colors. Use plant stands and plant hangers to position your plants in just the right place.
  • Soils & solutions: Plant care and our plant experts can keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

Shop our three convenient locations often to find fresh and unique plants! Complete line of of soils and accessories available as well.

Check out these informative blogs to help you discover more about caring for plants in your home:

Available in Greenhouse Only

At this time, houseplants are only available for purchase in our stores as selection changes daily.​