Houseplants and Foliage

Houseplants or foliage plants continue to be popular driven by social media platforms like Instagram and Pinerest. That said, the “houseplant craze” isn’t a new idea…there was a houseplant craze – you guessed it – 50 years ago in the 1970’s. Long before smart phones, social media and the digital “exhaust” powering trends, houseplants experienced a heyday in the 1970’s as homes and apartments were converted to jungles, with hanging plants supported by macrame hangers. This was probably done to help camouflage the wood paneling and shag carpet as well as appliances in hues of “harvest gold” and “avocado”. The 70’s houseplant craze evolved into the jungles of the shopping mall food courts in the 1980’s followed by the Orchid mania that sprouted in the 1990’s. Houseplants are also a part of the “deskterior” movement in South Korea where office workers improve their working environment by “decorating” their work spaces. With less space, houseplants are turned to for their many benefits, including improving mood and cleaning the indoor air.

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Flowerland Foliage Pachira
Flowerland Foliage Croton
Flowerland Foliage Desert Rose
Flowerland Foliage Captivating Cactus
Flowerland Foliage Grafted Cactus
Flowerland Foliage Lattice Dracaena