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Mounds O’ Mums

Walking through the Flowerland greenhouse on this fine September day, it’s enjoyable to see the color array that Chrysanthemums provide. Instant color for a weary garden after a hot summer,

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Fall is for Planting!

We say it every year…Fall is for Planting! There are a number of reasons why Fall is the best time to plant or transplant your favorite shrub or perennial as

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Something Shady Please!

It has been a whirlwind few months and I can’t believe it is almost the end of June. There’s still so much to do! Well at least my front garden

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Christmas Cactus Success!

I’m so excited. My Christmas Cactus had tones of blooms this year. I’m not sure exactly what I did differently so I asked my friend Patrick at Flowerland. He says

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Flowerland January Gardening Tips

Prune while dormant, avoid over-watering indoor plants… Good time of the year to prune deciduous plant material and trees when they are dormant. Dress warm and make sure to use

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Flowerland March Gardening Tips

Get started with seeds, apply horticultural oil and lime sulphur… A great month for seed starting! Use a good quality lightweight seed starting soil for your plants. Grow lights are

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Flowerland April Gardening Tips

Vole and mole turf damage, snow mold, crabgrass pre-emergents, start landscaping… This is a big month for turf issues! Aside from obvious vole and mole damage, April is a month

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Flowerland May Gardening Tips

Prune woody flowering plants, till and amend soil, watch out for weeds… Many woody plants are in bloom this month or bloomed during April. The best time to prune woody

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Flowerland June Gardening Tips

Feed those vegetables, start hardscaping, container planting… June is one of the busiest and best of the gardening months in Michigan. No more fear of frost, the vegetable garden is

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