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Spring’s Arrival 2021

It felt like spring officially arrived today in West Michigan. Every spring is different. That’s what makes this love of gardening, yardening and backyarding so much fun. Soil temperatures in

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Moles a problem?

Now that the snow has melted, you may notice a few unwanted mole tunnels in your lawn. What can you do about them? You have a couple of options. Your

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Signs of spring. First Pollen

Signs of spring in the trees….First Pollen In Michigan one of the first signs of spring is the appearance of flower buds on silver maples. The floral buds on silver

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Dealing with Snow Mold

Why is snow mold a problem in spring? After being covered by snow for an extended period the lawn can be matted and in need of some air and sunshine.

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Robins. A harbinger of spring.

Robins. A sign of spring?

Robins. Friends of Flowerland have reported lots of sightings this winter. Our Michigan state bird is the robin, well loved as it is considered the harbinger of spring. Robin sightings

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