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Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

The Sights & Scents of the Season.

There’s something about the beauty and scent of a fresh cut Christmas tree at Christmastime that brings a special warmth to the holiday season. According to the Michigan Christmas Tree Association, over 25 million fresh trees are purchased each Christmas. We are proud to offer five varieties. Wondering which would be perfect for your holiday decorating? Let’s take a look at the differences.

Scotch Pine

If you have Christmas ornaments that require sturdy branches, Scotch Pine is an excellent choice. With outstanding needle retention, a full cone shape and 1 ½” to 2 ½” deep green needles, your home will feel like a wooded forest. Tree heights range from 5’ to 8’.

White Pine

Many people describe White Pines as fluffy and soft in appearance. 3”, soft, bluish green needles, sturdy branches and a straight trunk will add symmetry to your holiday decorating. And the woody aroma will bring nature indoors for Christmas. Tree heights range from 6’ to 8’. 

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir represent the traditional Christmas tree to many people, with full, naturally rounded, dense cone shape and green to blue-green needles. With flexible branches, softer, flatter needles and excellent needle retention, this tree will be the star of your Christmas home. Tree heights range from 6’ to 9’.

Fraser Fir

Good needle retention and an attractive appearance make Fraser Firs the most popular of all fresh cut Christmas trees. A natural cone shape and 1” blue green needles with silver undersides combined with a warm earthy aroma envelope your home an old-fashioned Christmas ambiance. Tree heights range from 5’ to 8’ in addition to a selection of 9’ to 12’ trees.

Colorado Spruce

The Colorado Blue Spruce is a popular option due to their icy blue-green needles. As a Christmas tree, it has a pyramidal shape with stiff branches that can hold substantial ornaments. Tree heights range from 6’ to 8’.