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Dairy Doo

Dairy Doo Made in Michigan!

The practice of composting at Morgan Composting was initially a solution to dispose of manure on the family dairy farm. The cows have since been sold but many years and tons of manure later, Morgan Composting has become an expert in high quality, all organic, odor-free, designer compost!

A vermicompost operation with over 2 million, hard working worms on site, part of the  commitment to producing top quality castings to be used in the premium mediums.

Why Dairy Doo is a good thing

Dairy DooThe Detroit Free Press named Morgan Composting, Inc. the 2013 Green Leader! for ingenuity, sustainability, and pushing forward recycling in America. Dairy Doo is made in Michigan!

Flowerland customers can buy Dairy Doo here! It is some of the most fertile compost available in the Midwest! Compost that farmers and orchard owners pay for…..is available now for homeowners to use in their gardens via Flowerland’s partnership with Dairy Doo! Morgan Composting also uses food waste in their composting process (wind rows and turning = oxygen and heating to kill weed seeds). Food waste makes the biology work harder (sugars). Biology helps release locked up nutrients. Think of forest floors that naturally exist….some of the best soils loaded with biology!

Soils are the storehouses for plant nutrients. Another way to think about it is soil is the stomach of a plant. Some nutrients are in reserve in soils and others need to be added. That’s why your soil structure is so important! Many of our soils are depleted and we’re missing Carbon, Minerals and Biology. Carbon is best defined as organic matter in the soil and can hold up to many times its weight in water while at the same time providing space, pores for the roots to grow. The best way to explain it?

  •  Carbon improves soil structure and moisture and nutrient retention capability
  • Minerals (trace elements) are depleted in many of our soils and are needed for good taste and health….remember healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy you!
  •  Biology helps release locked up nutrients. People with experience with Dairy Doo will tell you that after years of adding fertilizer, biology makes nutrients in the soil available. You don’t need as much fertilizer if your soil is healthy! Think of this biology as probiotics for your soil!


The goal is soils with a high CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity). You can estimate it quickly and easily based on a soil’s texture and color. A proper ratio of clay to silt to sand. Clay and organic matter particles have a net negative charge. These negatively charged soil particles will attract and hold positively charged particles much like poles of a magnet. The relative ability of a soil to store one particular group of nutrients (the cations) is referred to as the soil’s CEC, or Cation Exchange Capacity. Why should you care about this science? Because without Carbon and cation exchange in soil, fertilizer leaches into the water table or watershed instead of being available to your plants. Dairy Doo addresses the need of adding Carbon, Minerals and Biology to your existing parent soil.

It’s about building soil HEALTH. Think of it in people terms. You can take a pill for a problem and keep taking those pills or change your diet and add exercise to improve overall health.

Dairy Doo alone is an amendment and should not be used for direct planting; we have many other products based on Dairy Doo for that. Add a small amount – 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick – to your pots or gardens and watch the plants spring to life. And don’t worry, because of their composting process Dairy Doo is very low odor.Dairy Doo Original 2014 bag front

Dairy Doo potting mixes, planting mixes and Seed Starter are formulated with some Dairy Doo as well as added minerals and nutrients such as Azomite, Feather Meal, Worm Castings and much more (up to 18 carefully selected ingredients!), providing minerals, beneficial microbes, fungal activity as well as aeration and water retention. Dairy Doo mixes, with added minerals and nutrients, are so much more than cheap soils that are only “filler” of Sphagnum Moss, Perlite and Vermiculite, with no nutrient value. Plant directly in these Dairy Doo



Dairy Doo Composting

Dairy Doo make your garden healthy and your flowers vibrant with our original high carbonDairy Doo Original 2014 bag front compost. This product is full of beneficial organisms that help keep your plants healthy and naturally holds water and nutrients. Dairy Doo will improve any garden, the way Mother Nature intended.

Use as an amendment for existing soils, but DO NOT plant directly into Dairy Doo


Garden: mix one half inch layer of Dairy Doo into top six inches of garden soil, then plant.

Containers: Add up to 25% Dairy Doo, mix with soil, then plant

Lawns: Topdress lawn with Dairy Doo, rake out to cover 1/8 inch or less, then water into soil.

Seed Starter 101

Dairy Doo Seed Starter 101 2014 bag frontDesigned as a complete germination mix, it has a fine, soft texture, making it ideal for starting delicate seeds. This mix is diverse; it contains Dairy Doo and worm casting providing beneficial microbes and fungal activity to stimulate healthy plants, and plenty of minerals to keep your seedlings green and growing, other ingredients provide aeration and water retention. Approved for ORGANIC gardens.

Directions: Add water and blend before use. Plant seeds directly into Seed Starter 101 according to packet directions. Plants do not need to be fertilized for up to six weeks.

Premium Flower 201

PremFlowerFRONTThis complete soil is perfect for use in flower beds, containers and hanging baskets. It contains 19  carefully selected ingredients; high in phosphorous which promotes vibrant blooms, Dairy Doo and worm casting providing beneficial microbes and fungal activity to stimulate healthy plants, and other ingredients for aeration and water retention. Approved for ORGANIC gardens.

Pro Vegetable 301

ProVeg301This complete soil is perfect for use in outdoor containers or raised beds and designed for herbs or vegetable transplants. Pro Vegetable 301 is high in nutrients to produce delicious vegetables. It contains 18 carefully selected ingredients; Dairy Doo and worm casting providing beneficial microbes and fungal activity to stimulate healthy plants, other ingredients provides aeration and water retention. Approved for ORGANIC gardens.

Nutrient dense= Great taste!

Directions: Fill a container or raised bed with Pro Vegetable 301, or use it to top off a vegetable garden. Plant directly into Pro Vegetable 301. When it is time to add fertilizer, try Morgan’s Healthy Garden or All Purpose Plant Fertilizer.

Tree and Shrub Mix

Tree_Shrub_ftOur original potting mix with an added kick of poultry compost and double ground bark, it’s full of minerals and beneficial orgainisms to keep trees and shrubs healthy and vigorous. This mix has exhibited healing qualities for distressed trees. We recommend Pro Vegetable for seedlings.


Directions: Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball, place tree or shrub, the fill with Tree and Shrub Mix.





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