Christmas Holiday Ornaments

Be Holidazzled! Flowerland has traveled the world to bring you the biggest and best selection of Christmas ornaments to make your holiday decorating shine. Whether you are looking for an ornament that sparkles, something whimsical or something more traditional, you’ll find it at Flowerland.

Ornament Hanging Tips from our Designers

When hanging your ornaments try hanging shiny glass ball ornaments on the inside of the tree. These will reflect the light and give your tree depth. Hanging solid colored matte ornaments on the inside also gives a backdrop to your sparkling unique ornaments.

Hanging ornaments should not touch each other or other branches of tree; they should hang freely. This is easier to do with a Life-Like tree as you can bend the branches easily.

The sizes of your ornaments should vary. Larger ornaments should be placed on the inside and towards the bottom where the tree is fuller. Icicle type ornaments give the tree vertical elements that add interest.

Finally, add a tree topper to your tree. The topper can be just about anything; bows, silk flowers, angels, glass finials, or even a frosty top hat!