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Springtime Menaces

It’s almost springtime, once the snow clears how does your lawn look?                     Do not be alarmed, your blades of grass are not conspiring against you. If your lawn looks like either of the above pictures, you may have Skunks &/or Moles!            […]

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A Purrrrr-fect Plant

Nepeta, more commonly known as Catnip  or Catmint is the plant that your cat probably goes crazy for. Native to Europe, The Middle East, Central Asia & parts of China there are as few as 250 species of Nepeta. These are a few common around the good ol’ U.S. of A. Nepeta Cataria (Catnip or […]

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March. Finally time to start some seeds!

Gardening is all about hope and a little dirty work. Gardening can get pretty pricey if you don’t have a plan and the variety of plants can be overwhelming. Some questions to asking yourself are: What location is my garden bed going to be? What kind of sunlight does that area get? What is my […]

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Bundle up your plants for winter

This is the first year I had to take care of my own yard for winter. Tools needed: Rake, Burlap, Yard Pins, and a  Snow Shovel. First, we learned that if you don’t rake up fall leaves, before it snows, then it suffocates the grass and you have a lumpy lawn in the spring. The […]

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The “honey do” list for the yard in fall

I asked Mr. Green Thumb to stop by and take a peak at our yard. He thought it was adorable because it was already fenced in and even though it is a small yard it should be easy to manage. He also had some concerns which should be easy fixes: 1. Clear out the gutters. […]

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Winter protection for hydrangeas

My parents had a party at our house and we invited Rick Vuyst, Mr. Greenthumb, to stop by. I like him because he compliments me on my floral shirts in addition he also tries to identify the species of flower I’m wearing. “I like your shirt. Are those hibiscus flowers on it?” he says. When […]

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“Thyme” to ask for help

I bought collection of herbs and had high hopes for delicious lasagna using fresh basil that I grew all by myself. Sadly, it seems that my dreams are short lived because I’m killing it! Bye bye fresh organic recipes it looks like I’m going back to microwave meals. Never ask me to babysit your garden […]

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I just love the story behind a new product called Ecoscraps. I love it because these products are natural solutions (which means its not going to kill my dog) and it helps our environment. “At an all-you-can-can-eat buffet, two college students, Craig Martineau and Daniel Blake, noticed how much food was being wasted. They began […]

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How to Create Raised Vegetable Plant Beds

My brother and sister-in- law are trying to cut the cost of buying vegetables this summer and they have plenty of space in their yard for raised beds. This is their first year with a vegetable garden and they want to get it right. The first mistake was asking me for advice. I wear glasses […]

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The Orchid

My first plant: The Orchid This was not actually the first plant that I had. It is actually the first plant that didn’t die on me. I like to pretend that I know a thing or two about orchids. The Phalaenopsis orchid is the type that is the most readily available in any store. It […]

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