Trying New Things

I’m like most people. Trying new things can be kind, well, scary. This past weekend, I decided to take a chance and step out of my comfort zone – at least a little. After listening to…Read More

Hydrangea Heaven

Love Hydrangeas but tired of disappointing results? Well plant one on me…or at Flowerland..because your luck is about to change! Hydrangeas are gorgeous in summer and today’s new varieties provide dependable results! Try Macrophylla Hydrangeas…Read More

I can’t Contain myself!

Container gardening is just plain fun….I can’t contain myself! OK so here’s the deal….anything can be a container provided it meets two criteria…1) It can hold enough quality potting soil and 2) The container must have…Read More

Time for Pine

This time of year there seems to be an abundance of pines, spruces, firs, conifers and evergreens around every turn. So, whats the difference between all of these piney partners mentioned above? Turns out alot, and…Read More