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Winter Protection Time

We need protection from the cold winds of winter and so do our favorite plants. You’ve been so attentive over the warmer months, don’t forget about them now. While we’ve had some rain the last few days, you want to be sure plants such as evergreens don’t go into winter dry. Be sure you give […]

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If you tip toe through my tulips, don’t squish my pansies

I have to tell you, I love spring flowering bulbs. They are so easy…you just dig a hole (3 times the height of the bulb is recommended), drop in the bulb in the hole (it will right itself if upside-down), water and done. Nature handles the rest. It’s always fun to add new bulbs to […]

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Heavenly Hibiscus!

Hibiscus is considered by some the perennial that ushers out summer. This beauty is definitely saying something at the Wyoming store; the blossom is huge! How did it get so big? Dave, the Nursery Manager at Wyoming, tells us Hibiscus love tropical weather like we’ve had the last week, which is probably why this one […]

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“Mum” – Ma – Mia!

Hardy Garden Mums are now available at all three locations! Mums provide great fall color. Because of their tight, mounded habit and stunning bloom cover, garden mums are perfect for mass plantings.

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Plant One On Me!

There are so many great, colorful summer-blooming perennials. Here are a couple ideas in case your “green thumb” is starting to itch!

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“The Perfect Perennial”

Did you know that the Daylily, or Hemerocallis, is often called ‘The Perfect Perennial‘? The nickname is given to this plant for many reasons. First, Hemerocallis come in all different colors. From dark purple, light pink, to yellow, these perennials are sure to sparkle in the landscape. They are also able to tolerate drought and […]

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Delightful Delphiniums

Delphiniums, commonly known as larkspur, are hardy perennials in Michigan.There are  numerous varieties of this showy plant. Their breath-taking appearance shines from early June to late July. Delphiniums blooms ranges from pink, blue, white, and purple. They enjoy sunny areas with well-balanced soil.  

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We “Rose” to the occasion!

It’s Rose Season!  Today’s roses are much easier to care for and grow than roses of your Grandma’s day.  They come in grafted as well as “own root” varieties, fragrant and non-fragrant, as well as bushes and groundcover.  Roses are the ultimate “sun worshipers,” favoring sunny locations to shady ones. They do tend to “eat” […]

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You’ve got a friend in me….

With warmer weather and sunshine predicted for this weekend, now is a great time to get out and plant! If you are looking for something to fill in the spaces between your plants or around your trees, why not consider a Groundcover Rose?  Unlike a rose bush, Groundcover Roses branch out and stay low to […]

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“Containa” Mania!

Looking for a quick and easy way to create an amazing container garden?  We’ve got some ideas for you!

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How do you start your seeds?

A yogurt container? An egg shell? A CD case? A peat pot? What really is the best container for starting seeds? Some containers are more effective than others. To begin the process, consider size, drainage, transferability, and organization. For example, an egg shell may be biodegradable, however it will not stand alone. You will need […]

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It’s a “Planthora” of Fun!

The national trend toward succulents can work inside or outside your home.  Succulents are gaining popularity because they are fairly easy to grow and require less water than other plants. Looking for something for indoors? Why not think about a Succulent Dish Garden? All it takes is a container and soil, some succulents (don’t limit […]

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