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Monthly Seasonal Advice for Plants in Grand Rapids, MI

Do you have a flowerbed or a garden that you struggle to maintain? What about a dying pot of plants? Grand Rapids, MI, residents turn to our trusted professionals to offer them quality advice and tips regarding their flowers, plants, and other landscaping needs. When you want to get the best results or design an outdoor space what will have your neighbors showering you will praise, come talk to our specialists. We’ll give you a good swift kick in the “plants”. Our team has a wide range of knowledge regarding almost every facet of the gardening and landscaping field, and we’re sure we can offer you the quality advice you’re looking for.

Monthly “yardening” tips!

Don’t let your struggles in gardening or lack of knowledge in landscaping slow you down. Let our friendly staff help you out. We’ll listen to your goals and ideas and then help you come up with a plan of execution for your yard that will have you proud of the results. Get monthly “yardening” tips for our staff here and be on your way to having a healthy looking yard and plants. Professionals from our staff are waiting to help you!

Mr. Greenthumb on WZZM 13

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Flowerland Show

  Flowerland Show Podcasts: WOOD Radio Listen to Rick, Doug, and Kristi every Saturday morning for all of the hot topics about gardening on WOOD Radio 106.9 FM from 9am to 11am. Or tune in the podcast.  Join in the conversation by “liking” the Flowerland Show on Facebook! Save Save

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How do you start your seeds?

A yogurt container? An egg shell? A CD case? A peat pot? What really is the best container for starting seeds? Some containers are more effective than others. To begin the process, consider size, drainage, transferability, and organization. For example, an egg shell may be biodegradable, however it will not stand alone. You will need […]

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Flowerland January Gardening Tips

Prune while dormant, avoid over-watering indoor plants… Good time of the year to prune deciduous plant material and trees when they are dormant. Dress warm and make sure to use a good quality, clean by-pass pruning shears. Foliage plants help improve indoor air quality. Clean dust off the foliage with a damp sponge. Don’t over-water […]

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Flowerland February Gardening Tips

Look for rodent damage, prevent evergreen desiccation… If all goes well, this month has the potential of giving us our first peek at spring! As we experience some thaw days the foliage of pansies and bulbs we planted last fall start to become visible. In some years by the end of this month the Witchhazel […]

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Flowerland March Gardening Tips

Get started with seeds, apply horticultural oil and lime sulphur… A great month for seed starting! Use a good quality lightweight seed starting soil for your plants. Grow lights are a great supplement to natural light so your seedlings don’t get leggy stretching for the light. Use dome covers on your flats for humidity. When […]

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Flowerland April Gardening Tips

Vole and mole turf damage, snow mold, crabgrass pre-emergents, start landscaping… This is a big month for turf issues! Aside from obvious vole and mole damage, April is a month to identify and begin repair for snow mold. Both gray and pink snow mold will be evident as the snow clears, especially in areas where […]

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Flowerland May Gardening Tips

Prune woody flowering plants, till and amend soil, watch out for weeds… Many woody plants are in bloom this month or bloomed during April. The best time to prune woody flowering plants like Forsythia or Lilacs if they need it is right after they are done blooming. Later in the year they will be developing […]

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Flowerland June Gardening Tips

Feed those vegetables, start hardscaping, container planting… June is one of the busiest and best of the gardening months in Michigan. No more fear of frost, the vegetable garden is growing and perennials steal the show in the landscape. Many perennials are in their prime during the month of June. Roses, annuals, tomatoes and other […]

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Flowerland July Gardening Tips

Watering do’s and don’ts, hot weather fertilizing, controlling grubs and bugs… Water becomes a big issue in July. Hot dry weather can do a number on your prized plants. Grand Rapids, MI, heat always kicks in when you’re away vacationing at the beach! With hanging baskets, learn to tell by the weight of the basket […]

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Flowerland August Gardening Tips

Cut back tired annuals, establish next year’s lawn, late Summer color… Cut back tired annuals and feed them with a water-soluble fertilizer to rejuvenate them! Petunias and other annuals can get “leggy” and worn by August. Chopping them back part way and using a good liquid feeding can give you a resurgence of growth and […]

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Flowerland September Gardening Tips

Fall really IS for gardening, planting bulbs, dividing and moving perennials… September is the start of a new gardening season, the fall season. The people with the nicest yards and gardens are out working in them during the fall gardening season (September, October and November). Fall is a perfect time for planting because the soil […]

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