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Interior plant specialists recommend one potted plant per 100 square feet to feel the benefits

Celebrate your indoor plants!

In September we celebrate our indoor plants. The third week of September is National Indoor Plant Week. What we generally call “Houseplants” are primarily foliage plants native to tropical regions. These

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The Color of the Season

National Poinsettia Day is recognized on December 12 to celebrate the plant synonymous with holiday colors. It wasn’t always that way. In the 1800’s it was a diplomat and horticulturists

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Christmas Cactus Success!

I’m so excited. My Christmas Cactus had tones of blooms this year. I’m not sure exactly what I did differently so I asked my friend Patrick at Flowerland. He says

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Pothos and Peace

House plants can serve many purposes. Some people use them to add color or create a mood in a room. And there is evidence that they can also improve air

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