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Spring Lawn Prep Starts Now!

It’s that magical time of the year when everything starts to wake up from Winter’s hibernation and we can get outside and play in the yard! With a little planning, you can have a beautiful, easy-care lawn for the coming season.

A good raking will set the stage for success. The goal is to remove leaves, twigs and loose grass from the lawn. Raking exposes the crown of the grass plant to warm air, sunshine, and moisture. If you have heavy loam or clay soil, now is the time to core aerate and add Gypsum to help loosen the soil as well as add vital calcium to help the soil percolate. Flowerland recommends Nutra-Soft because of its higher calcium content vs. regular gypsum products.

Now we are ready to get down to business! April to early May is the time to apply Crabgrass prevention products in West Michigan. However, not all crabgrass prevention is created equal. Flowerland only carries products that provide 16 weeks of protection to ensure that you are crabgrass-free all season. Our Gro-Fine and Jonathan Green products will even kill sprouted crabgrass in the early stages. This is especially important in those “hot spots” along driveways and walkways.

Remember that all crabgrass prevention products MUST be watered in within 24 hours of applying to get maximum results.

Do you have some spots that were “kissed” by the snowplow or are just thin and lacking? Flowerland carries specialty products that allow you to apply grass seed AND prevent crabgrass at the same time. A knowledgeable Flowerland staff member can walk you through your choices for the proper grass seed for your individual seeding needs.

Moles can be very active in the beginning of the season as their primary food source, earthworms, make their way to the soil surface as it warms up. Flowerland offers many products to deal with moles including baits, traps, and  repellents, keeping them out all season long. Flowerland recommends I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellant, as it is safe for kids and pets.

Skunks are another furry intruder in the Spring. They have awakened from their winter nap and they are HUNGRY! Skunks will peel back the grass and snack on juicy grub larva that are close to the surface. Applying Dylox to the lawn will kill the grubs (and control several other insects as well), sending the skunks in search of their next meal elsewhere.

Stop in at Flowerland for everything you need to enjoy a healthy and care-free lawn!


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