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March Gardening Checklist: Embrace the Arrival of Spring

"March is the month of anticipation and preparation, as we welcome the arrival of spring and eagerly tend to our gardens. It's a time for planning, organizing, and getting our hands dirty, as we nurture the desire to make things grow." - Unknown

As the days become longer and the weather gradually warms up, March brings the promise of new beginnings in the garden. Although the early part of the month may still be cold and wet, there are plenty of tasks to be done to prepare for the upcoming growing season. Here’s a comprehensive March gardening checklist.


  • Plant Wish Lists: From new trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals to fruits, vegetables, and herbs, the possibilities are bountiful. Take a look at our plant library for some inspiration and begin imagining the vibrant life your garden will host through the seasons. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your landscape’s aesthetic appeal, attract pollinators, or harvest your own fresh produce, starting with a well-thought-out plant wishlist will set the foundation for a flourishing garden. 
  • Finalize plans and dates for sprinkler start-up, repairs, and the installation of permanent hardscape elements such as fences, pathways, patios, or ponds.
  • Take the lawn mower for servicing before repair shops become too busy as the season progresses.
  • Consider investing in ergonomic garden tools to replace broken or worn-out ones. These tools can provide comfort and ease during labor-intensive gardening tasks.
  • Soil Testing: Early March is the perfect time to test your soil’s composition and nutrient levels if it’s no longer frozen. This will help you choose the appropriate fertilizers and amendments to address any deficiencies.

Early March Tasks

  • Inspect and sharpen garden tools or replace them if necessary. Be sure that you have a couple of pairs of clean garden gloves ready to wear.
  • Set out birdhouses in your garden, away from bird feeders and opposite wind currents.

Late March Tasks

  • Begin removing evergreen boughs that were used to protect garden beds during the winter. Gradually pull away winter mulches. This will allow sunlight to reach new plant growth while still providing some protection from cold winds.
  • Spring cleanup can commence towards the end of March and beginning of April. However, avoid walking on wet soil to prevent compaction.
  • Cut back tall grasses and any other perennials that were left standing for winter interest.

Additional Tasks

  • Prepare a supply list for your garden, including fertilizers, tools, transplants, stakes, and mulch. This will ensure you have everything you need when the time comes.
  • Scout for animal damage from rabbits, deer, and moles, and make plans to protect your gardens this year.
  • If spring bulbs are already emerging, be sure to clean up debris and litter around the plants. This will help prevent yellowing leaves on your daffodils, crocuses, and tulips.
  • Shop for summer-blooming bulbs now for stunning summer displays.
  • Seed Starting: Begin your seed-starting journey with our “7 Essentials for Seed Starting Success” blog to ensure you have all the knowledge and tools needed for a successful start.

March is a Month of Anticipation and Activity in the Garden

March is a month of anticipation and activity in the garden. By tending to these tasks and embracing the arrival of spring, you lay the foundation for a successful growing season ahead. Enjoy the journey of nurturing your garden and watch as it comes alive with vibrant colors and new growth.


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