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Trend Watch: Delight in the Dark

Welcome to the enchanting world of “Delight in the Dark” – a gardening trend that’s captivating green thumbs everywhere! This trend is all about bringing a touch of mystery and elegance to your garden with plants that showcase darker hues and gothic charm. At Flowerland, we’re excited to guide you through some of our favorite plants that align perfectly with this trend.

The Essence of the Trend

“Delight in the Dark” goes beyond simply adding plants with dark leaves; it’s about crafting a narrative in your garden that speaks of mystery and allure. Picture a moonlit stroll through a garden where shadows dance among the leaves, and the flora exudes an almost magical presence.

Featured Perennials

Chocoholic Bugbane

Chocoholic Bugbane
(Cimicifuga ‘Chocoholic’)

A striking plant with dark, chocolate-colored foliage and fragrant blooms.

Black Pearl Coral Bells

Coral Bells
(Heuchera spp.)

‘Black Pearl’ and ‘Timeless Night’ offer rich, dark leaves that contrast beautifully with lighter plants.

Summerific® Holy Grail Hibiscus

Hardy Hibiscus
(Hibiscus moscheutos cvs.)

Varieties like ‘Midnight Marvel’ and ‘Holy Grail’ boast deep, moody tones.

Boom Chocolatta Cranesbill

Boom Chocolatta Cranesbill
(Geranium ‘Boom Chocolatta’)

Offers a dark, chocolaty touch to the garden.

Dark Side of the Moon Astilbe

Dark Side of the Moon Astilbe
(Astilbe ‘Dark Side of the Moon’)

Adds feathery, dark foliage and blooms to your garden.

Bleeding Hearts Oxeye Sunflower

Bleeding Hearts Oxeye Sunflower
(Heliopsis ‘Bleeding Hearts’)

Features dark stems with golden-yellow flowers, a perfect contrast.

Featured Shrubs

Concorde Barberry

Concorde Barberry
(Berberis thunbergii ‘Concorde’)

A small, dark-leaved shrub that adds texture.

Kodiak Black Bush Honeysuckle

Kodiak Black Bush Honeysuckle
(Diervilla rivularis ‘Kodiak Black’)

Provides a deep, dark backdrop for brighter plants.

Eclipse Hydrangea

Eclipse Hydrangea
(Hydrangea ‘Eclipse’)

New for this year, this hydrangea offers a stunning dark presence.

Floralberry Sangria St. John's Wort

Floralberry Sangria St. John’s Wort
(Hypericum ‘Floralberry Sangria’)

Dark foliage complemented by bright berries.

Tiny Wine Ninebark

(Physocarpus opulifolius cvs.)

‘Summer Wine’ or ‘Tiny Wine’ for a touch of dark elegance.

Midnight Wine Shine Weigela

(Weigela florida cvs.)

‘Midnight Wine Shine’, ‘Midnight Wine’, and ‘Spilled Wine’ are perfect for adding a burgundy hue.

Featured Trees

Purple Leaf Beech

Purple Leaf Beech
(Fagus sylvatica ‘Atropurpurea’)

Its deep purple leaves are a standout feature.

Winecraft Black Smoke Tree

Winecraft Black Smoke Tree
(Cotinus coggygria ‘Winecraft Black’)

Offers dramatic, dark foliage.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Japanese Maples
(Acer palmatum cvs.)

‘Red Emperor’ and ‘Bloodgood’ provide rich, red tones.

Newport Plum

Newport Plum
(Prunus cerasifera ‘Newport’)

Known for its deep purple leaves.

Forest Pansy Redbud

Forest Pansy Redbud
(Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’)

Beautiful heart-shaped, dark leaves.

Crimson King Maple

(Acer spp.)

‘Crimson King’ and ‘Crimson Sunset’ offer dark red foliage.

Designing Your 'Delight in the Dark' Garden

  • Contrast is Key: Pair dark plants with light, silver-foliaged or brightly colored flowers for a dramatic effect.
  • Gothic Elements: Add wrought iron benches, statues, or trellises to complement the theme.
  • Mysterious Lighting: Soft, ambient lighting can enhance the garden’s mystique during the evening hours.

The “Delight in the Dark” trend is an invitation to express creativity and add a touch of sophistication to your garden. It’s suited for various spaces, from expansive yards to intimate balconies. Visit Flowerland to explore these plant options and more, and let us help you transform your garden into an enchanting nocturnal haven.


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