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Transform Your Lawn with Flawn Seed Kits

Flowerland is thrilled to unveil an innovative solution to traditional lawn care that marries the utility of grass with the ecological benefits of wildflowers: Flawn Seed Kits™. Developed by Flawn, these kits are designed to turn your outdoor spaces into lush, vibrant ecosystems that not only beautify your home but also support our planet’s health.

What are Flawn Seed Kits™?

A Unique Blend for Biodiversity. Flawn Seed Kits consist of a meticulously selected mix of low-growing wildflowers and clover, designed to integrate with your existing grass. This blend evolves your lawn into a Flawn—a flowering lawn—over 6-24 months, creating a living mosaic of about half grass and half wildflowers.

A Few of our Favorite Flawn Seed Kits™

Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme lays a delicate carpet under the taller grass and clover, with its petite stature of just 2-4 inches. Its flexible, woody stems bear tiny leaves. From July to August, it adorns your lawn with pink to purple blossoms. Perfect for sandy or loamy soils, Creeping Thyme thrives in full sun, encouraging a profusion of flowers. It also gracefully adapts to lower light, slightly reducing its floral display. This hardy groundcover adds a splash of color and fragrance to your Flawn, making it a treasure in any garden.

Micro Clover

Micro Clover is marvel of efficiency. It sports leaves a fraction of the size of its Dutch White Clover cousin, promoting a neater, lower-growing lawn. This powerhouse plant enriches the soil by fixing nitrogen, diminishing the need for additional fertilizers. Its presence means less watering and mowing, making your lawn care routine more eco-friendly. Regular mowing at 2.5-3 inches helps maintain its compact appearance while minimizing flowering, thereby subtly balancing the needs of beauty and biodiversity.

White Yarrow

White Yarrow stands out for its tall, elegant stature and allure to pollinators. Reaching up to one foot in height, it’s a striking choice for areas where the grass is allowed to grow taller. While frequent mowing may prevent it from flowering, leaving your Flawn taller in low-traffic areas ensures that yarrow can show off its blooms. Thriving in sandy, well-drained soils, White Yarrow is a resilient addition that brings a wildflower meadow feel to your garden.


Native to North America, Self-Heal, or “Heal-All,” is a versatile plant that flourishes across a range of conditions from part shade to full sun and in various soil types. Its pink blooms, standing 2-6 inches tall from June to August, offer a summer haven for pollinators. Self-Heal’s adaptability and contribution to the ecosystem make it an indispensable part of the Flawn, adding beauty and aiding biodiversity.

The Flawn Seed Kits™ Advantage

  • It’s Eco-Friendly! Significantly reduce your lawn’s environmental footprint by minimizing chemical fertilizers and pesticides and conserving water.
  • It’s Low Maintenance! Enjoy more time and savings with reduced mowing and watering requirements.
  • It’s a Pollinator Paradise! Each Flawn supports bees, butterflies, and other vital insects, enhancing the biodiversity of your garden.
  • It Promotes Aesthetic and Seasonal Diversity! Experience a dynamic lawn with varying textures and colors that change throughout the seasons.

Starting Your Flawn Journey

Embarking on your Flawn transformation is straightforward. Flawn Seed Kits are perfect for year-round seeding—whether in spring’s warmth or fall’s coolness. Each kit comes complete with all you need to seamlessly blend these seeds into your existing lawn, paving the way for a greener future.

Why Flowerland Recommends Flawn Seed Kits™

At Flowerland, we’re committed to promoting gardening practices that respect and replenish our earth. The Flawn Seed Kits represent a step forward in this journey, enabling homeowners to actively contribute to a healthier environment.

We invite you to join us in this green revolution. Visit your favorite Flowerland to explore Flawn Seed Kits and begin the transformation of your outdoor space into an eco-friendly, blooming haven. Together, let’s grow lawns that aren’t just beautiful to look at but are teeming with life and beneficial for our planet.


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