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Choosing Your Houseplant Pot – The Drainage Dilemma

As we embrace the indoor gardening season this winter, one of the most common questions we encounter on the sales floor is about choosing your houseplant pot. To help you make the best choice, we’re diving into the world of pots – those with drainage and those without – and exploring their pros and cons.

The Importance of Choosing your Houseplant Pot

The type of pot you choose for your houseplant can significantly impact its health and growth. While the aesthetic appeal is important, the functionality of the pot is key to ensuring your plant thrives.

Pots with Drainage

Pros: Allows excess water to drain out, preventing overwatering and root rot; ideal for most houseplants, especially those that prefer drier soil.

Cons: Requires a saucer to catch water, which can be an additional item to purchase; can be messy if not managed properly.

Pots without Drainage

Pros: Sleek and often more aesthetically pleasing; no need for a saucer, making them suitable for any surface.

Cons: Risk of water accumulation at the bottom, which can lead to root rot; requires careful watering practices and regular monitoring.

How to Choose

  • Consider Your Plant’s Needs: Some plants prefer dry conditions, while others thrive in more moist soil. Know your plant’s preferences before choosing a pot.
  • Watering Habits: If you tend to overwater, a pot with drainage might be a safer bet. If you’re more forgetful about watering, a non-draining pot could work with the right plant.
  • Location and Aesthetics: Where will the plant live? What is the style of the room? These factors can influence your choice.

Tips for Using Pots without Drainage

  • Use a layer of pebbles at the bottom to create a space for excess water.
  • Be cautious with watering – it’s better to under-water than over-water.
  • Consider using a moisture meter to check the levels of the soil.

Whether you prefer pots with or without drainage, understanding their pros and cons is essential for the health of your houseplants. Next time you’re in Flowerland, feel free to ask our experts for advice, or use this blog as a guide to help you make the best choice for your green companions.


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