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September Gardening Checklist: Preparing Now for a Beautiful Spring

September... where fall and summer meet. -Will Wallace Harney

As summer turns to fall, September brings a sense of satisfaction to the garden. It’s a time for reaping the rewards of harvest and preparing for the colder months ahead. As we enjoy the changing colors of fall, it’s also an opportunity to plan and lay the groundwork for a vibrant spring. Let’s delve into the essential tasks on our September gardening checklist.

Early September Tasks

  • Enjoy your bountiful harvest from the vegetable plants you planted last spring.
  • Brighten up your garden with cold-tolerant fall annuals such as pansies, garden mums, and ornamental grasses. These annuals will continue to thrive until the first hard frost.
  • Consider dividing your existing perennials and adding late-season bloomers like Black Eyed Susans, Asters, Sweet Autumn Clematis, Anemone, and Ornamental Grasses.
  • If you’re thinking of adding new shrubs and trees, explore varieties known for their stunning fall foliage, such as RedPointe Maple, Burning Bush, Viburnum, or Ninebark.
  • Plan ahead for spring by making space for spring flowering bulbs, which you can plant in October.Take care of your lawn by repairing and renovating it. Fall is the ideal time for lawn seeding, as most turf grasses take 14 to 28 days to germinate. For more fall lawn care tips, check out our blog, Fall Lawn Care.

Mid September Tasks

  • Fight garden weeds now to ensure a weed-free spring. Applying weed killer disrupts their growth from root to tip.
  • Save seeds from your garden for planting next year.
  • Continue watering your perennials, trees, and shrubs, even as their growth slows down. Adequate moisture helps them survive the winter.
  • Don’t worry if you see browning or yellowing needles on your evergreens. They shed old and interior needles in late summer through fall.
  • If you’ve grown Amaryllis in your garden this summer, it’s time to bring in the bulbs and let them rest in a dark, dry place.

Late September Tasks

  • Keep spraying repellents to deter deer from your garden, especially in the fall when they eat more to prepare for winter.
  • Turn your compost regularly. This helps improve the oxygen supply, a vital component of successful composting

As September arrives, embrace gardening lessons and appreciate autumn’s beauty. Enjoy the harvest, colors, and the pride of nurturing nature. Prepare for the next season by reflecting and planning. Your gardening skills and plant knowledge continue to grow, enhancing your garden’s beauty.


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