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Light up your Holidays

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we are starting to look forward to the most magical time of the year! One of the prettiest parts of the Christmas season is driving through neighborhoods. Taking in all the bright holiday lighting. Fanciful doorsteps with lit decor give each home a joyful, festive feel as the lights twinkle softly against the snow.

Choosing the Right Holiday Lighting

When lighting the outside of your home, choose LED lights designed specifically for outdoor use. LED lights are energy efficient, which means you will be spending less on your holiday energy bill. In addition, LED lighting lasts 2-3x longer than traditional lighting! Another benefit of choosing LED lighting is the ability to string 13 strands together consecutively on one plug. That means you will be able to decorate bigger trees and spaces without needing multiple outlets and extension cords, saving you time and stress – and creating a more seamless display! 

LED Advanced Lighting Advantages

At Flowerland, we value quality and are excited to bring you the brightest and most durable LEDs for your holiday lighting. Our newest lighting and lighted decor by LED Advanced utilizes a computer chip in each bulb socket to control the circuit. Meaning, with this Continuous-ON technology – if one bulb burns out, is loose or missing, all the LEDs continue to brightly shine. Plus, LED Advanced Heavy Duty LED light strands come with a 10-year warranty.

As you may have guessed, one of the biggest enemies of outdoor lights is moisture and corrosion. Being exposed to rain, snow, and wind can often cause water damage. LED Advanced has eliminated that problem with a sealed socket at the base of the bulb along with a water-tight, twist-on cap over the top of the bulb. This allows you to change the bulb if needed while protecting against water seeping under the bulb.

LED Advanced Holiday Lighting has all your Christmas lighting needs covered with Mini, faceted C5, and C9 lights available in Warm White, Pure White, Multicolored, Red, Green, Blue and Color Changing strands. Many featuring Steady-ON or Twinkle capabilities in addition to Icicle and micro-mini Starry light sets. 

Bestselling, micro-mini Starry Lights have a traditional end-to-end design, allowing you to string up to 30 strands together for a spectacular display. Starry Lights also feature a sealed socket, minimizing the risk of moisture and corrosion. In addition, they offers functions you can use to set your lighting display to a gentle twinkle that is sure to dazzle throughout the holiday season.

Outdoor LED Christmas Decor

LED Advanced technology doesn’t stop with light strands. Their high quality, high vibrancy, shimmer-free and Continuous-ON technology comes with all their outdoor LED decor. Transform your home into an outdoor winter wonderland with our newest LED Wreaths, Snowflakes, Santa’s Reindeer, Cone Trees and much more. With todays lighting technology, decorate with confidence knowing your lights will brightly shine for years to come.

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