Now is the Time to Enhance your Landscape

You’ve heard us say this for years, but there really is no better time than fall to refresh or add a new landscape. It’s easier on the plant – and on you!

Fall provides the perfect conditions for planting.

Fall weather provides the perfect climate. The air temperature begins to cool and the days begin to get shorter. That allows your new beauties to focus their energy on getting established in their new space. Establishing in the fall season before going dormant for winter means they can start strong in the spring! While you may not see any top growth, the roots remain active under the ground and will continue to establish until the ground freezes… usually closer to December.

Another advantage of planting fall is you have more reliable, natural rainfall. That means less supplemental watering! Remember, though, new plants need that extra water to get established. You’ll still need to provide supplemental water regularly if rainfall is limited.

When you’re adding new plants to the landscape, soil preparation is very important. Amending the soil in your plant’s new home with compost and other organic matter will help your new plants be their most successful! You will also want to incorporate a product like Espoma Biotone Starter Plant Food or Bonide Root & Grow Root Stimulator and Plant Starter. These products encourage vigorous root growth, helping the plants absorb water and nutrients better, and help limit transplant shock.

Don’t forget to mulch your plants this fall for winter protection – they will thank you next spring! Mulch is commonly known for retaining moisture, acting as a weed barrier, and protecting against erosion. But this blanket of protection also insulates the roots from winter frost heave, increasing the survival rate! 

If you are adding new broadleaf evergreens like Azalea or Rhododendrons, in addition to adding mulch, be sure to give them a little extra protection over the winter months by surrounding them with burlap or spraying them with a product like Bonide Wilt Stop. This will help protect them from drying out and wind burn in the colder months.

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