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A question often asked with quality patio furniture is “Why?” Why make the investment? While a low-cost, low-quality set may look similar, investing in a quality set is very important if you want your furniture to last. The difference is not only in the details, but in the construction of the furniture itself. Flowerland is proud to partner with our vendors to bring you the best quality and selection of patio furniture, patio umbrellas and accessories.

When it comes to patio umbrellas, some may argue that an umbrella is an umbrella.

Treasure Garden Patio Umbrellas

When it comes to patio umbrellas, some may argue that an umbrella is an umbrella. We argue that this is not true. When comparing one of our Treasure Garden patio umbrellas to other umbrellas, there is definitely a difference in quality and longevity. 

Treasure Garden umbrellas are made from a thick gauge aluminum, making them stronger, more wind resistant and rust free. The ribs of the umbrella are heavy and will last longer while maintaining rib shape and the shape of the umbrella. The fabric is also high quality. The fibers are dyed prior to weaving then they are UV stabilized, resulting in a fade-resistant fabric that will look just as vibrant at the end of the season as it does when you bring it home. And if that isn’t enough, the string cords used in the crank to raise and lower the umbrella are made of Kevlar, making them extremely strong and durable. All of this makes Treasure Garden umbrellas a long-term investment that will give you many years of enjoyment and shade.

Our Quality Patio Furniture Brands

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Homecrest made a name for itself with its patented swivel rocker mechanism. Today, their lounge sets give style-conscious consumers the means to create a seamless flow between outdoor and indoor living spaces. Add Homecrest’s DreamCore cushions for an unmatched seating experience. These cushions are made from a High Resilient foam, and are significantly more comfortable than any other cushion in the industry. The frames are made from powder-coated aluminum to prevent rust and are covered by a 15-year limited warranty. Homecrest’s tables and fire pits also offer an amazing finish, giving the resin surface an ultra realistic look.

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Telescope Casual is one of our most popular brands. This furniture can last for decades with proper care, cleaning and maintenance. The frames are made of powder-coated aluminum or marine grade polymer (which is a heavy and strong material), both of which will not rust. They also feature fabrics from Sunbrella, an industry leader for outdoor fabrics known for their durability, comfort, style, and color stability. The fabric is dyed before weaving and is then UV stabilized to create a fade resistant fabric to last. With such attention to detail as well as a 15-year limited warranty on the frame, you can never go wrong with Telescope Casual pieces.

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Berlin Gardens

Dining Sets and Lounge Sets from Berlin Gardens are beautifully designed, solidly built by Amish craftsmen combining old world skills with modern technology, and are amazingly durable. Their goal: To help you create a beautiful outdoor space where you can relax with family and friends, rejuvenate and restore your soul. 

All Berlin Gardens sets feature a poly lumber frame, made from recycled plastic that will never need to be painted or stained. It also won’t crack, rot, or absorb moisture like natural wood. Berlin Gardens sets also have aluminum supports that won’t rust, and stainless steel screws which allow for easier assembly. Their sets can stand up to the warmest Michigan summers and still look fabulous. 

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Patio Renaissance

For over a quarter century, Patio Renaissance has been devoted to designing and manufacturing exquisite furniture that is sophisticated and luxurious. They pride themselves on the highest value and quality, while remaining affordable and competitive in the industry. These pieces feature extruded aluminum frames for lightweight, rust-resistant strength, and are beautifully covered with their hand-woven, durable Weather Wicker, which is made of UV stabilized polyethylene. The cushions are high quality, firm and comfy, made of UV stabilized fabric that is dyed before weaving so that it can last for seasons to come. With their distinctive style and inviting design, Patio Renaissance offers beautiful sets for your patio. 

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NorthCape is an industry leader for both design and value of outdoor furniture, cushions and accessories. They are committed to providing you with the highest quality, stylish and comfortable furniture that is on point with the latest trends. NorthCape’s furniture is made of a rust-resistant aluminum frame and cushions that are made with fabric dyed before weaving and is UV stabilized to remain bright through sunny summers. Many of their pieces also feature hand-woven HDPE All-Weather Wicker, which has UV inhibitors that prevent fading and cracking from the sun. Frames have a 7-year limited warranty and wicker a 3-year limited warranty with proper care and maintenance. These pieces will be the perfect fit on your patio or four-season porch for years to come.

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Kettler furniture invites you to transform your outdoor space into an enchanting living space. Kettler’s furniture features beautiful wrought iron designs, as well as outdoor wicker, teak, and aluminum pieces. Their outdoor wicker is made of Rattan Wicker, an extruded, UV-stabilized poly wicker that won’t deteriorate like the wicker of old. Their aluminum frames are strong and will not rust, and the teak wood used in some pieces is resistant to rotting with proper cleaning and maintenance. German-designed with European styling, the smaller sizing of Kettler patio furniture makes them ideal for all spaces.

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Hanamint is the perfect choice for outdoor furniture and decor when you want to create memories that will last a lifetime. The sturdy frames are made of either sand-cast aluminum or extruded aluminum. Sand-casted frames are made by stamping a mold into sand and pouring melted aluminum into the mold. After the aluminum cools, the pieces are hand-sanded into the beautiful finished product. This method makes solid furniture that is heavy enough to withstand high winds. Extruded aluminum frames are strong and lightweight, making them easy to transport and store during colder months. Hanamint also offers a 10-year limited warranty with proper care and maintenance. Featuring many innovative styles and designs, you will be the talk of the neighborhood with an outdoor dining set or lounge set from Hanamint.

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