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Instant Color & Texture with Patio Container Gardens

Container Gardens

Container gardens are a great way to liven up your outdoor space. Whether you have a balcony, large patio, or want to welcome guests into your home, a beautifully planted container will make your space sing!

Our selection of pre-made, expertly designed planters have been chosen for their beautiful colors and bold textures. The biggest advantage of a pre-made container is that it’s ready to go without all the work. You know the colors and plants will perform well together and you can see instantly if the color scheme will work with your space and your style.

Quick Tip: When selecting your pre-made container garden, make sure the light needs of the plants match the light available in their new home

If you prefer to create your own masterpiece, Flowerland has you covered as well. There are thousands of flowering annuals and foliage plants to help you get creative! When deciding what to include in your container, the sky’s the limit! You can follow a ‘recipe’ like those provided by Proven Winners or Ball Seed or you can create your own. If you like a certain color palette or a certain plant, create a container around it!

A frequently used mantra for container design is “Thriller, Filler, Spiller”. Basically, that means using a taller plant as the focal point, surrounding it with a complementing plant that will fill in the space, then accenting those plants with something that, as it grows, will add interest by “spilling” over the edge of the container.

Quick Tip: It’s important to find the right plant variety for the right space

You don’t have to limit your container garden to just flowers! You can also create amazing and attractive containers using herb plants. This is especially fun when you want homegrown flavor but have limited space. Mix them in with your flowers for even more interest!

How many plants do you need?

The size of your container determines the number of plants you’ll need. As a general rule follow the below guidelines. 

  • 10-12″ containers will need 3 to 4 plants
  • 14-16″ containers will need 4 to 6 plants
  • 16-20″ containers will need 6 to 8 plants

Quick Tip: Keeping your container garden watered and fed regularly will increase plant health and improve flower production

Always start with a high quality potting mix and a container with good drainage. Potting mixes and potting soils contain ingredients that allow maximum air flow, water absorption and drainage for your plants. Mixes like Espoma Moisture Mix allow for greater moisture control and can extend the time between waterings. Others, like Foxfarm Ocean Forest contain vital nutrients that are beneficial for your plants.

Feeding your plants regularly is extremely important for success. Flowering plants are heavy feeders and frequent waterings flush the nutrients from the soil. Regular feedings with a water soluble or an organic fertilizer will keep your plants looking great. Or, a one time application of a time release fertilizer will keep feeding your plants all season long. With a little planning, following a few simple tips, and some fun, too – you’ll enjoy your container gardens all summer long. 

Healthy Plants Start with Healthy Soil

Finding the Right Soils Amendments is One of the First Steps to Growing Healthy, Vibrant Plants

Help Your Plants Grow and Thrive

Feeding your Plants Regularly Promotes Vigor + Increased Flower Production

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