Live Outdoors in Style and Comfort

Although our recent weather has been cool, we know beautiful Michigan days are just around the corner. Soon, we will find ourselves spending more time outdoors and in our backyards. Now is the perfect time to transform your patio into a backyard oasis that you can enjoy all summer long. 

Do you want to live outdoors in style and comfort? Creating the perfect backyard oasis is easy with our Outdoor Furniture Collection. Whether you enjoy reclining on your deck or dining on your patio, today’s options are endless!

Create Your own Space to Live Outdoors in Style and Comfort

With our wide variety of styles, colors and materials, it’s easy to create your beautiful space. Our Outdoor Furniture sets are designed with the highest standards for durability and comfort. Because of this, they are created using materials that will withstand the elements. From luxurious sofa lounge sets and elegant dining sets to classic Adirondacks and modern fire tables – you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Adding a colorful Patio Umbrella or Cantilever is a great way to provide that extra bit of shade during hot Summer days, however, these are not our parents’ patio umbrellas. Our umbrellas are built to last! Made with aluminum and fade-resistant fabric canopies, they are not only a beautiful addition to your space, you will enjoy them for many seasons to come!

Add Some Ambience and Personality to Your Outdoor Space

Once you have the basic elements in place, add some ambience and personality to your outdoor oasis. To warm things up on those cooler nights, why not add a fire table? A fire table functions just like a standard fire pit, only it is gas-powered so there is no need to purchase firewood or worry about keeping it stoked. Also, fire tables feature a table surrounding the central fire where you can set beverages and your supplies for the perfect s’mores just within arm’s reach. If you want to live outdoors in style and comfort, a fire table is the way to go! 

Does your outdoor space need some additional lighting? Tiki torches and string lights add a warm glow to your deck or patio while giving your space a bit of a tropical feel. But if you prefer something a little brighter, an LED clamp-on light might do the trick. For example, the Luna Clamp-on Light by Treasure Garden is elegant and multi-functional. In addition to emitting a soft white light, it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Now you never have to be without your favorite tunes!

Celebrate this Summer with a cool drink in hand, surrounded by sunshine, and beautiful blooms within your perfect backyard oasis. Browse our Outdoor Furniture Collection or stop in to speak with our experts to get started on creating your beautiful space. 

Outdoor Furniture & Patio Umbrellas

Elevate your Outdoor Living with Style, Functionality and Comfort

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