Birds on Shepherd Hook

There is certainly no place like home. Every spring, birds make their epic journey to find their way home. Often crossing countless dangers, eagerly seeking a place to settle. This could be your yard. The place they raise their chicks. Did you know that there are several things you can do to attract birds to your yard?

First, create a welcoming and safe place with plants! 

While it is wonderful and much appreciated to set out seed, suet, houses and baths, creating a bird-friendly habitat starts with plants.

Ensure that you have plant coverage at several heights giving them places to nest, hide and forage for food. This includes a tree canopy, an understory, shrubs and beds of perennials.

  • For your tree canopy look to choices that will offer ample shade in the summer and stunning color in the fall like Autumn Blaze or Brandywine Red Maple trees.
  • Great choices for an understory with beautiful spring blooms include Redbud, Serviceberry and Dogwood. 
  • Excellent shrub options – Juniper, Viburnum, Blueberry and Oakleaf Hydrangea.
  • For perennials, consider adding Rudbeckia, Echinacea, Salvia and Beebalm to your garden beds. 

When selecting new plants to add to your yard, if in doubt, choose native species. These plants are conditioned to thrive in our climate and support the local food chain.

Our world is enriched by creating beautiful habitats for wildlife and we think you’ll love your botanical additions as much as the birds do. Stop in to speak with our plant and bird experts to get started on creating a beautiful space for visiting birds.

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