Botanical Interests Seeds

At Flowerland we love Botanical Interests Seeds. We use them in our gardens and are pleased to make their great selection available to you in our stores!

Botanical Interests Seeds

In winter it is fun to look at seed packets and read the abundance of information available on the packet. We can both learn and dream of warmer days and the promise of a bountiful colorful garden later this year. For now as the snow flies enjoy looking through the Botanical Interests Seeds on display at each Flowerland store. Here is some information provided by Botanical Interests on how to read a seed packet.

Seed Packets by Gardeners for Gardeners

Every Botanical Interests seed packet is designed to help gardeners succeed. Featuring gorgeous botanical artists’ renderings of each variety, each packet is like a mini-encyclopedia, full of information inside and out, to inspire and assist every type of gardener.

Front Packet image showing Organic, Sowing, Heirloom, and Native identifiers

When do I sow?

The front of the packet gives a quick answer, while the instructions on the back are more specific.

Which varieties are natives and heirlooms?

Natives and heirloom varieties are color-coded right on the front of the packet.

Which varieties are organic?

Look for the green bar and organic logo across the top of the packet.Back of Packet showing Sowing Coverage, Planting Information, and Non-GMO logo

How do I plant this variety?

The plant tag on the back includes the important sowing information, including seed depth, seed/row spacing, and when/how to thin. It also shows a seedling illustration for reference while your plant is growing.

How much will this packet sow?

All vegetable and herb packets include coverage information.

Are these seeds Non-GMO?

Yes! We completed the rigorous seed testing to place the Non-GMO Project Verified logo on the back of every seed packet.Inside of Packet

What’s inside the packet?

When to harvest, recipes, history, easy growing tips, organic pest control, and much more specific information can be found inside.

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