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Indoor Plants and air quality

Houseplants promote health and wellness, are foundational to modern home decor and caring for them is a significant hobby for many. In addition they are popular “celebrities” in social media as people share their favorites with others. A recent study points out that 81% of people who say they “don’t have much access to nature” go on to say houseplants make that easier and convenient. There are reports and estimates that Americans spend a lot of their time indoors, especially in winter. If significantly more than half your time is being spent indoors whatever we can do to improve air quality and feel closer to nature is going to have benefit. This makes attention to air quality important. As a matter of fact 59% of people say houseplants are important to their health and wellness.

Philodendrons are great for improving air quality, easy to grow and come in a great variety

Air quality affected by carbon dioxide as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can exist in some of the products and materials inside our homes are considerations. As we’ve learned over the past few years, good indoor ventilation is important to keep us healthy especially considering the amount of time many people spend indoors. So where do plants, specifically “houseplants” come into play in these considerations? Through the process of photosynthesis plants convert the carbon dioxide we exhale and also remove gases from the air through a process called absorption. You will be able to find a number of studies and opinions that debate a plants ability to have a positive affect on our indoor air. Most of these studies however conclude that plants make a or some “contribution” to the air quality in your home, and the more plants the better.

The popularity of Alocasia has grown with the increase in varieties available today

While the amount of benefit plants help purify air is debated, there is no doubt that it is found houseplants are linked to feelings of “being away while at home” almost like a staycation for our mind and mood. Plants do cleanse your attitude and nurture of living plants is great for your psyche.

Aloe Vera is an easy to grow beneficial plant appreciated and loved by all ages

A study from Princeton University finds that plants and gardening in general is beneficial for physical and mental health. And at a time of year when we spend more time in confined spaces indoors, the benefit is tangible. Seed starting is another activity that can significantly provide benefit for those winter days we spend indoors by connecting us to soil and nature.

So while 41% of people have posted a picture of their plants in social media, we dare say 100% of people benefit from being surrounded by plants whether they realize it or not.


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