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Creating Beautiful Spaces

We love our own spaces, and our gardens, yards, porches, decks, patios, and balconies are the perfect places to create spaces to enjoy. As we enter a new year in 2022, people more than ever are creating personal spaces for themselves or to share with others.

Some of the first spaces we see are the front porch and front yard. These can be welcoming rooms themselves – as part of our outdoor spaces. They can be enhanced with planters, houseplants, trend-setting outdoor furniture, décor, lighting, hanging baskets and color. Colorful planted containers help us define a space and set it off as welcoming and rewarding.


Dramatic Alocasia (“Elephant Ears”) add a dramatic splash of green to this entryway

Most people believe that an outdoor living space, either front or back yard, can be a space that encourages an active lifestyle. In fact, 77% of home purchasers feel that no backyard is a deal breaker. We believe there is good reason for that. People with a backyard or outdoor living space will spend at least 2 hours more per week outside than those who don’t!

Our spaces are about living, working, playing, and entertaining. And our gardens and plants are often not just a hobby or an obligation –  they are a lifestyle. Plants make our living spaces visually appealing and more inviting to our neighbors, in turn making our communities more beautiful and welcoming places. Live plants even bring us together: statistics show that 25% of people have watered neighbors’ plants while they are away! 


These gorgeous planters create a welcoming and beautiful space.



Comfortable outdoor furniture adds a place to relax and enjoy your space.

Entering 2022, the following trends will continue to prevail in our living spaces:

·         Edibles Vegetables, and Herbs

·         Gardening for wildlife (pollinators and birds)

·         Plants and gardens for stress relief, mental health, and healing

·         Growing vegetables and flowers from seed

·         Cut flower gardening


Outdoor living is a healthy lifestyle. Create a beautiful space.

Flowering shrubs that are low maintenance with long lasting blooms are not only a trend, but the available variety continues to grow. And don’t forget your indoor spaces can be enhanced by houseplants – experiencing continued popularity and importance.

With the popularity of container gardening outdoors, the same is happening indoors with grouping of houseplants in the same pot as opposed to having many individual pots. Flowering houseplants like Anthurium, Orchids or Bromeliads are popular as they bring more long-lived joy than cut flowers.

We have noticed that the color “clover green” has been singled out as a trendy color for 2022. There is no doubt the past couple of years have been challenging for many worldwide, and shades of green symbolize renewal, rebirth, and stability. From lush leafy plants like ornamental grasses to evergreens, vines, and groundcovers, the color green is an integral color as we create our beautiful spaces.


Shades of green outside our window symbolize renewal, rebirth, and stabiliy.


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