Dig Drop Done. Spring Flowering Bulbs.

We love planting flower bulbs in fall. Planting bulbs is as easy as Dig, Drop, Done. Investing now will bring brighter days after the dark cold months of winter.

A bulb marketing campaign is promoting the planting of bulbs in your garden. The campaign promotes the “surprisingly simple beauty” of bulbs and how they fit into our busy everyday lives. The theme is planting flower bulbs is as simple as Dig, Drop, Done.  http://www.digdropdone.com/

Plant now for Spring Blooms!
Plant now for Spring Blooms!

We too believe planting bulbs can be as easy as dig, drop, done if you apply these simple rules.

1) Dig deep enough. The deeper you plant the more years enjoyment you’ll get from your investment. If the recommendation is to plant 6 inches deep, plant them 8 to 10 inches. The simple rule of green thumb is that at a minimum you would plant a bulb at least 3 times the bulb’s height in depth. If a bulb is currently 2″ high you would at a minimum plant 6″ deep.

Dig Drop Done
Dig Drop Done

2) Bulbs don’t like wet feet. Well drained soil is best, work in some organic matter to improve the makeup of the soil.

3) When you “drop” the bulbs drop in some bulb fertilizer at the same time. The bulbs will be busy rooting into the soil you have prepared during the “off season” or dormant cooling period and will have a well rooted great foundation to burst out of the ground in spring!

4) If you have lots of hungry scavengers (squirrels, voles, chipmunks) in your yard, some chicken wire folded over the bulbs when planting will keep them from making your investment a tasty snack. It’s simple, easy, cheap and fool proof.

5) If you have a lot of deer and rabbit pressure in your neighborhood you can still enjoy beautiful blooms next spring by planting bulbs like Allium, Fritillaria, Daffodils and Dutch Iris. For other bulbs stop in and see us next spring for some repellent spray like Bonide Repel’s All.

Tulips growing and blooming through fall planted pansies
Tulips growing and blooming through fall planted pansies

6) Plant some spring flowering bulbs like tulips. When you have back filled the hole plant some frost hardy pansies over the top. Next spring the pansies will rebloom and the colorful tulips will push through them to create a colorful spring garden!


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