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Adding Color in Bloom and In Feathers

Colorful birds add interest to our bird feeder and garden. One of the most popular of these colorful feathered friends is the goldfinch, which is resident in our area throughout the year. They flock to feeders laden with thistleblack oil sunflower, and finch seed. They love seeds; it is primarily their diet exclusively. They even feed seeds to their young. Therefore, without seeds we have no goldfinches!

To enrich your garden space, consider planting flowers that offer an abundance of seeds. Goldfinches will supplement their diet all winter with these. For annuals, try cosmos, marigolds, sunflowers, and zinnias. Perennials offer a continuing supply of seeds for several years. Use rudbeckia, echinacea, asters, and daisies. Remember not to cut these perennials back until spring, allowing the birds a delicatessen throughout the winter. Also, the seeds heads standing above the snow will create winter interest.

It is a great way to add color in bloom and in feather!


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