Pollinators to your garden easy as 1-2-3

Attracting pollinators to your yard can be easy as 1-2-3. There are so many wonderful flowering plants for our gardens that will attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Plants like Agastache, Coneflowers, Alliums, Crocosmia, Nepeta, Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) , Asclepias (Butterfly weed), or Verbena ‘Meteor Shower’ or Liatris are some to name a few. That’s the point. A diverse selection of colorful blooms and blooming periods spring to fall will attract pollinators to your yard. 3 elements are key to set out a buffet to attract eager pollinators regardless of the variety of plants you are using. Think like a pollinator (Bee intentional) and you will focus your attention on these elements:

  1. Bright colors. From yellow to mauve, violet to blue, red to pink and orange, even white for night time pollinators. Even though they view colors differently than we do bright colors will attract pollinators to check out your garden. And it doesn’t just have to be yellow or red. I have found mauve, violet and especially blue are great for getting their attention.
  2. Scent. Yes they don’t “smell” like we do but scent is an important component of attracting pollinators
  3. Provide a landing pad. Take coneflowers as an example. Pollinators love them because they make an ideal landing pad so they can focus on what they do best….pollination!

Watch this video for more!

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