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Sod Installation Guide

Lawn Care and Grass Seed at Flowerland

Creating a beautiful lawn using sod is easy when you follow Flowerland’s sod installation guide.

Preparing Your Yard

You will need at least 4″ of good top soil. Rototill or spade the soil into existing dirt. The quality of your soil will
be a reflection of the top 6″ of dirt. Poor or porous soil will require more maintenance for a beautiful lawn
because of water and nutrients pass through easily.

Remove any stones, sticks, roots and debris then rake to level for your final grade. If desired, spread
fertilizer on the soil and rake it in before laying sod.

Installing Your Sod

Sod must be installed the same day your receive it or it may die.

Start with a straight line, like your drive way, house or sidewalk. Roll the sod out staggering each row like
brickwork. Make sure the ends fit together, but do not overlap. A large knife or shovel can be used to cut the

Completely soak the newly laid sod with 2″ of water within 30 minutes of installation. Use a sprinkler for
even distribution. Do not let the sod dry out. Check the sod by lifting a corner to see that the soil underneath
is wet.

Feel free to use the lawn immediately after installation but avoid heavy traffic during the first two to three
weeks. This will allow the roots to firmly knit to the soil.

Watering, Mowing, and Fertilizing

The weather determines the amount of water your lawn needs. In hot weather, water the sod with a sprinkler
daily with a least 1″ of water. In cooler weather, water every other day.

Generally, you will need to mow your lawn about a week after installation. Set your mower at about 2″ –
2.5″, and for best appearance, be sure to keep mower blades sharp.

For a thick green lawn, fertilize regularly. Each spring purchase a fertilizer program, with
applications up to 4 times per year.


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