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June Blooms in the Garden!

Memorial Day may be the unofficial start of summer but it is also just the beginning of the garden season. June blooms in the garden in Michigan and there is some much to see and do!

Perennials like Shasta Daisy, Lupines, Astilbe and Lavender are in their prime. Shrubs like Landscape Roses, Hydrangea and Butterfly Bush are exploding the landscape. And the annuals, veggies and herbs we planted in May are growing like crazy! What’s not to love about the garden in June?

astilbe_chinensis_vision_in_red Proven Winners PW
Proven Winners Astilbe Chinensis “Vision in Red”
Lupines at Flowerland
Lupines in the garden
Landscape Roses available at Flowerland
Landscape Roses in the garden
buddleia butterfly bush and hydrangea at Flowerland
Butterfly Bush and Hydrangea
Flowering annuals at Flowerland
Flowering annuals in the garden
Pepper plants growing in June Flowerland
Bell peppers growing in the garden
Basil, Purple Rufles Flowerland
Purple Rufles Basil in the garden

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