Container Garden Tips & Inspiration

Container Gardens are great when you have limited space or if you want to brighten up a specific area of your outdoor space. Here are some container garden tips and inspiration from our friends at Proven Winners.

Three Ways to create a Container Garden
1. Purchase one that is ready to go
2. Transplant from a Hanging Basket
3. Create your own with plants, potting mix and containers you purchase. Be sure your container has a drainage hole!

Even if there is fertilizer in the potting mix already, you will still want to fertilize. Vigorously growing plants, especially those that produce a lot of flowers, use up the nutrients quickly.

Watering Tips
1. Choose plants that fit your watering habits. Drought-tolerant plants don’t have to be watered as often while other plants love the extra water if you are more attentive.
2. Select container sizes and materials based on your watering habits. If you like to water regularly or your container is in shade, a porous pot like terra cotta might work best. If you tend not water frequently and/or your container is in a sunny spot, a ceramic pot won’t leach water as quickly.
3. Water when the soil is dry down to your first knuckle using the finger poke test.

To prune or not to prune?
Pruning your annuals helps to recharge (ie, encourage new growth), reshape and rebalance a container.

Proven Winners Container Garden "Flying High"
Proven Winners Container Garden “Flying High”
Proven Winners Container with Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
Proven Winners Container with Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
Container Garden ideas from Proven Winners for Flowerland
Container Garden ideas from Proven Winners

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