Moles a problem?

Mole Tunnels

Now that the snow has melted, you may notice a few unwanted mole tunnels in your lawn. What can you do about them? You have a couple of options.

Your first option is to repel them and make your lawn less appealing.

*Make your yard undesirable by eliminating their food sources. Moles eat grubs, earthworms and other lawn insects. By applying grub and lawn insect controls to your lawn, you eliminate their food source and without a food source, the moles will go elsewhere.
*Try repellents. Repellents are convenient and non-lethal, coming in both granular and liquid formulations. Moles dislike the taste and smell and so will leave. Remember to re-apply as directed on packaging to keep them out of your yard.

Your second option is to “eliminate” them.

*Baits look like and simulate the mole’s natural food sources, only they are poisonous. The mole eats the faux food and dies shortly after.
*Mole Traps are another option. You identify an active tunnel, set the trap on the tunnel and wait.

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