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Robins. A sign of spring?

Robins. Friends of Flowerland have reported lots of sightings this winter. Our Michigan state bird is the robin, well loved as it is considered the harbinger of spring. Robin sightings are always exciting in early spring. It is also the state bird of our neighbor Wisconsin. Actually sightings are not rare as there is a huge population of robins in North America. And robins are often seen throughout the winter. If there is some open water and natural food source in winter they will stick around. Their range includes the continental United States, Alaska, Canada and much of Mexico. Robins are known for eating earthworms, often locating them by sound. But they feed on a variety of insects and up to 60 percent of their diet consists of wild and cultivated fruits and berries. You can always count on them in spring using a variety of man made structures (soffits, building signs, decks) to construct their nest giving us the chance to see their beautiful robin blue eggs synonymous with the spring season! This mid February video was sent to us by Mike and Marla, listeners to the weekly Flowerland show!


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