Scents of the Season

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. How is your decorating coming?

This year many people are choosing fresh cut trees and greens. The smell of fresh evergreen trees and greens often takes us back to time when families would pile in the car and go to the local Christmas tree lot or farm to pick out “the perfect tree”, a fresh wreath for the door and maybe some fresh garland for the staircase or window. Once the tree and greens were home, it was time to decorate!

Take time to enjoy the scents and sights of the season with family.

Tip: Keep your fresh greens looking fresh through the holiday season and beyond by spraying them with an anti-desiccant like Wilt Stop. Wilt Stop is a pine derived resin product that coats the leaves and seals the stomates (pores), eliminating moisture loss.

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